Where and how are JÜSCHA products manufactured?

We manufacture our products in Europe and in Asia. The majority is produced with partner companies in Asia. 95% of JÜSCHA products are manufactured in China and India. Some of the India-based manufacturing facilities produce almost exclusively for JÜSCHA.

With many manufacturing partners, the management and the company JÜSCHA have a long-standing and trusting cooperation. The aspect of "partnership" is very important and results in stable quality and a positive work environment.

With the majority of  partners we have worked together for more than 15 years, with some even more than 30 years. This creates an almost family like relationship with some long-standing manufacturing facilities in India and China, which now continues  into the second generation

To further ensure continuity , approximately 70 percent of the range remains broadly unchanged for a 2-3 year period. We only amend small details in design or functionality. In addition to this , new products are introduced each year.

This approach offers more stability, predictability and confidence for our production partners. A look into the future together is also an incentive to engage  in a humanitarian working environment, in the production facilities and the careful handling of the environment.