Quality succeeds! This is demonstrated in the range of ALUMAXX, JSA, Alassio, Pride and Soul and bind for many years.

The success of these brands is not only based on innovative design and progressive product ideas, but is also a result of a good quality control system. 

The permanent review of internal and external processes as well as our social responsibility of all persons involved in the production process are important components of our quality management.


Independent quality seal confirms REACH compliance of Jüscha products

DEKRA certified Jüscha® GmbH the successful implementation of REACH Compliance Management System.

Already in the past has Jüscha® GmbH internally introduced and implemented appropriate processes and procedures, for which they received from the DEKRA the seal „Reach Conformity of products“ in November 2012. With the certified methods the Jüscha® GmbH checks the product safety and makes the chemical composition of the products of its extensive portfolio transparent.

The European Union regulates with the regulation, the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of CHemicals (REACH). Manufacturers and importers must declare substances of very high concern in their products. DEKRA experts examined products as well as packaging of the brands Alumaxx, JSA, Alassio, Pride & Soul, Lightpak and bind. This REACH Compliance Management system will also be applied in future for new products and suppliers, as well as any extensions to the list of substances of very high concerns.

Customers of Jüscha® GmbH benefit from this certification by a higher legal certainty, since request from customer, consumer advocates and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) can be answered quickly and reliable.