Implementation and Enforcement

The undersigned company will receive employees of JÜSCHA GmbH or third parties authorised by the JÜSCHA GmbH at any time with or without notice for the purpose of verification of conformity of the Code of Conduct. The visiting parties must be given all necessary true information, documents and resources without delay. This includes  information on inhouse operation and all information on the transfer of orders to subcontractors.


Follow up visits

Depending on the audit result and the extent  of improvements at the production facility, we let the auditors return for a follow up visit. Also our staff from product development and purchasing are on site at the premises. During the visits they check specifically whether , and to what extent the previously faulted points have been improved.

The follow-up visits offer the production facility the opportunity to demonstrate improvements and in the event of difficulties  to find solutions together


Problem communication

If it is not possible to comply with the  Code of Conduct, the involved parties will be informed in writing. In partnership, we develop a binding plan of action, containing all the necessary improvements and defined measures, with a  realistic time period to remedy the deficiencies. We are supporting the manufacturing facility to analyse the causes of the discrepancies, give suggestions for improvement and review the implementation of the measures.