The majority of our branded products can be branded with your logo or slogan. We print, engrave and refine the various products according to your ideas. Take advantage of the possibilities!

Our specialists offer sophisticated concepts and effective ideas to promote your brand. The shape of the imprint is primarily due to the nature of the material.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a classic printing processes in the advertising industry. A screen is stretched on a frame and the ink is forced through this sieve and so transferred to the article. The screen printing method is mainly used for textile products (nylon, cotton, etc.), which provide a flat surface.

Products: Textile articles like bags, Lightpak backpacks, etc.


Embossing / Colour embossing

With the help of a stamp an embossing is pressed into a surface under the influence of pressure and heat. With the additional use of color coated stamping foils the embossed motive can be given an additional decorative effect .

Products: leather and imitation leather products such as Alassio portfolios, bind calendars, etc.

Doming / Microdoming

Doming produces a unique 3D effect for your logo. Domings are first printed on foil, cut out and coated with a resin layer, which forms the transparent "dome". Domings have a very high-quality appearance and provide a permanent water and UV protection for your advertising. 

Products: Universally appliable on LIGHTPAK bags, Alassio portfolios, ALUMAXX cases, Alassio wallets, etc. 

  • Minimum quantity 50 pcs.
  • Possible for many products
  • Best doming quality „Made in Germany“
  • Highest effect by optimal combination of logo and product
  • Ihre 4-color campaign on our product

Standard formats

Other formats and sizes on request.

Doming samples

All shown samples are trading names and/or trademarks of the manufacturer or owner.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a particularly elegant and durable form of personalization. Through a computer-controlled laser beam the desired motive is burned directly into the material. By using precise computer technology, also very detailed motives with sharp contours are possible. 

Products: metal, leather and imitation leather products such as bind, pens, Alassio business card holders, etc.

Engraved tags

When using engraved tags, special plastic tags made with two different types of plastics are being used. The top layer is engraved by laser or mechanical,  so that through the different colored backsheet the motive emerges. Individual names and individual designs are already possible from one piece ! 

Products: Universally appliable to bind calendars, Alassio wallets, Alassio portfolios, etc.